Future Olympic hopefuls floored by grant!

Formed in September 2017 the White Rose Rhythmic Gymnastics attracts members aged 5 -15. The club wrote to HVL652 asking for contributions towards training mats, and were successfully granted a donation from The Provincial Grans Fund of £1,000.

Presenting the cheque were Worshipful Master Ashley Craven and Past Master,Iain Birks, who were then treated to a demonstration of routines by the girls.

Rhythmic gymnastics, which is also an Olympic sport, differs from general gymnastics in that it involves individuals or teams moving to music using one of five pieces of equipment – hoop, ribbon, ball, rope and club – rather than familiar gymnastics apparatus

The girls are coached by Olga Fleming, who hails from Belarus and attended the same school as renowned Olympic gymnast Olga Korbut. Olga has performed rhythmic gymnastics at national level both for her home country and the former USSR.